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How A Wedding Planner Can Help You Plan Your Big Day

How A Wedding Planner Can Help You Plan Your Big Day.


Lasting Relationships: The Key to Success


While Public Relations professionals have long held the image of sleazy spin-masters taking advantage of the poor, selling snake oils, and twisting political embarrassments into blame games the reality of the industry is based on one principle: building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

The difference between a Public Relations professional and a Marketing Executive lies in that principle. Marketing representatives have a monetary objective: to sell a product or service, grab attention, and increase the bottom line. PR experts, on the other hand, use those same tactics as tools in a larger cache to achieve a broader goal: to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

PR encompasses other business principles as well. These professionals are frequently called in to address crisis situations, provide advice in obtaining additional funding and increasing contributors, shape broad campaigns to reach multiple goals, and provide targeted messages across multiple platforms. In short, it’s about much more than creating an image or posting social media messages. Like advertising, those are just a few of the instruments available in a PR kit. The purpose of all these aspects of public relations boils down to one glaring concept: get an audience’s attention, meet their needs, and build a lasting, trustworthy relationship that benefits all parties. This idea is what not only makes public relations specialists necessary for sales, but also for growth.


All business can be reduced to the people within it. And people are naturally driven to form relationships with each other. Using this innate instinct to establish a foundation for business can accomplish more than just a return on investment, it can provide a positive, satisfying enterprise. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have proven the concept.

Cindy Moore, Founder and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts, has created a rewarding family relatiionship with her staff and consultants. The company was created a decade ago to address the needs of busy women everywhere, and her policies reflect her mission, training all consultants to reward customers as frequently as possible. Thirty-One Gifts was named last month one of the Top 20 direct-selling companies in the world. Ranked 10th in America.


Other well-known corporate giants have developed corporate masterpieces with this belief in mind. Steve Jobs, Apple, Inc.; Walt Disney.


When thinking about marketing your small business, before you hire an advertising facilitator, remember that your goals go beyond gaining an instant sale and reach instead for a more satisfying enterprise that will grow over time. Consult a PR professional to help shape the image of your company and invite stakeholders to enter a situation that promotes experiences rather than sales, and you will see your company be transformed into a more meaningful venture. Afterall, it’s all about the relationships in the end.

idAuthor, Stephanie Murphy. Stephanie owns and operates Kudzu Communications, in Hambleton, WV, a PR company founded on Christian beliefs that specializes in multi-media marketing campaigns and event planning. She infuses her mission with positive messages and relationship management principles. #promotewhatulove, not bash what you hate.